Wedding Lighting – Top Tips!

With a serious switch in wedding trends happening all the time we have seen a huge change in the interest of different forms of wedding lighting.

Why wedding lighting?

The different forms of wedding lighting that we offer really changes the look and feel of a space. By adding warm lighting such as festoon or fairy lighting it creates warmth and a soft ambience. Colour lighting can change the whole look and feel of a place too.

It is a great way to get a lot of value for your money as lighting covers a large space and can change the overall feel of a whole venue.

What options do I have for wedding lighting?

Festoon Lightswedding lighting

One of the biggest trends to land in 2015 is our festoon lights – these can be used indoors and outside and with the warm light create a great atmosphere. They can be strung between stakes, along fencing or decking railings or can be strung between trees outside. Inside they can be placed in a ceiling canopy or go round the outside of a marquee venue.

The large clear bulbs give a very retro and vintage vibe to the lighting!


The most popular lighting we offer. We are proud to be the leading fairy light installer in Scotland. Normally placed in a canopy in venues such as barns, marquees or halls the fairy lights can also be wrapped around pillars or beams and outside decking areas.

We offer various designs of canopies from central point, linear or tapered with our warm fairy lights. The effect creates a magical look to any space.

LOVE letterswhite love sign

One of our favourite forms of wedding lighting is our LOVE letters. Available in two styles – warm white or a colour option. These look great as a backdrop to wedding photos but also create a great lighting effect.

Our colour LOVE letters can be set to a static colour during the day and then a colour changing cycle alongside the dancing later in the day – this colour cycle creates an added form of lighting for your evening entertainment. Two looks for the price of one!

Lit Hanging Lanterns

Another huge 2015 trend! We are proud to be the only recommended Scottish installer for the Hanging Lantern Company and have been hanging lanterns as part of wedding lighting services for a few years now! But it is really this year it has taken off.

Hanging lanterns are available in a variety of colours and come plain or lit. Many brides go for a mixture of sizes in ivory (or with ivory and lace) with a 50/50 split of lit and unlit lanterns. Other brides go for a mix of colours depending on their colour scheme.

UplightingAbout Us

Uplighting, wall washing, or moonlighting, has been a popular choice for many years. This form of wedding lighting is units placed at the base of a wall and shining upwards to create a coloured wall. These can be set to a variety of colours to suit your scheme.

When looking over a whole room uplighting changes the scheme as it adds so much colour to the space and creates a great ambience as the day moves into night at any event.

For more pictures of wedding lighting please see examples on our facebook page.

For more info on pricing and options of wedding lighting please visit our webpage.

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