Wedding Fairy Lights

Make Believe Events have become experts in wedding fairy lights and canopies throughout the fairy lights

Whether it is fairy light canopies in marquees, barns, stables, castles, church halls, hotels or courtyards we have gained vast experience in various designs and styles.

Wedding fairy lights are most commonly done in marquees and here we can offer them in a linear design (which mimics the shape of the ceiling) or a pea design which goes from a central point. The most popular option is definitely the linear design but some marquees suit other designs better – ask us what we think is best!

Another popular location for wedding fairy lights in ceiling work is in the ceilings of barns or halls where there are rafters involved – again we work with the shape of the space and what fixtures are available to make the canopy look its best.

We always like a challenge and some of our fairy light canopy installations have taken some very special planning! But we love working out ways we can achieve a fairy light canopy – even in the strangest of places.

We also have the fabulous new festoon lights which work well alongside our fairy light canopy work, and this creates lighting in outdoor spaces too. You may also want to consider adding in hanging lanterns (either illuminated or not) or pom-poms in to your fairy light canopy – just ask for options!

What kind of wedding fairy lights do you use?

Our fairy lights are industry standard – these are specially made for event work. They are LED so take little power and as they are custom for event work they only require either 1 or 2 power points (which may not seem like an important factor but most venues have a lack of power points!)

If you wish to see examples of our wedding fairy lights then check out out Facebook page.

If you would like to find out about wedding fairy lights and their prices please visit the lighting section on our website

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