Venue Draping – the total transformation

Some of the biggest transformations we have made to venues is with the use of venue draping – it totally changes a space with a soft, floaty, warmer feel!

Why Venue Draping?

You may need venue draping to cover a church or village hall which is used for many other purposes. By venue draping you can hide the Brownies’ noticeboard as well as other signage and decor that give away that it is a hall.

The drapes make the venue neutral. You can blank out colour schemes dictated by decor.

Venue draping softens a space. A venue may be too modern or have a harsh colour scheme. The ivory drapes soften the look to create an elegant room.

The drapes provide a great backdrop for uplighting – this means you can add colour back into the space in a scheme of your choice.

venue draping

How does draping work?

Our draping is a freestanding structure. This means it stands alone without having to fix to your venues walls/ceiling. A series of poles and heavy base plates create the structure and ivory material is hung to create the finished look. We ruffle the material on the poles to create a natural drop.

How much is draping?

Draping varies from venue to venue as we price everything on size and the items that are needed to be hired to cover the length/width of a space. The best thing to do is to come to us with measurements of width, length and height and we can come up with an estimate for you. Every space is unique and we are happy to make a custom draping quote for you!

If you would like to see pictures of venue draping please see examples on our facebook page.

For more info on pricing and options of venue draping please visit our webpage.

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