Uplighting – how to transform your venue!

Uplighting is certainly one of the biggest trends that has come out of America for event decor in the last 5 years.


Many brides and events organisers come to us asking to transform their venue but budget often comes in to play and items such as our entire room draping or star cloths are out of reach. However, uplighting provides a cost effective way to cover your venue.

Each individual uplighting unit can be set to different colours – so whatever your colour scheme we can change the colour to suit you! Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, blue, turquoise and many other options. Our favourite colours are the brighter pop colours – the wow factor! But often a subtle, softer tint of a colour is better suited such as pale pink and soft blue. Our uplighting is so versatile we can change colours to suit you!

Many believe that mood lighting won’t show up during a summer wedding but even on the brightest day the effect can be seen and as the evening begins to draw in the effect comes to life – it grows along with your day!

Will uplighting suit my venue?

Whether you have a modern venue where uplighting can be used on a blank canvas plaster wall or a traditional venue where the light can bounce off each individual architectural feature… mood lighting really works!

Why not have a mix of alternating colours to create an even more eye catching effect? Matching a soft blue with a royal blue is a favourite of the Make Believe Team, however we also love clashing colours of hot pink and turquoise – very fresh and funky!

To find more information about our lighting visit the uplighting section of our website.

We have various pictures of mood lighting on our Facebook page and we also love the great photography by Blue Sky Photography which shows our uplighting at Hotel Du Vin.

We offer great packages for 10 or more mood lights – please enquire for more information.

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