Taffeta Chair Sash Hire

As we go through the chair sash hire collection available at Make Believe Events we come to our…Taffeta Chair Sash Hire!

Taffeta Chair Sash Hire

Taffeta chair sash hire is the most luxurious of our chair bow types – as the material is not see through it gives an impact of colour and the sheen of the material, more subtle than that of a satin, gives a real luxurious feel.

Why Taffeta Chair Sash Hire?

– Taffeta is a great material to use if you want to make a statement – it does not create a soft effect like the organza and the shades tend to be much deeper and richer than that of the satin range.

– As Taffeta is not a see through material like our organza you can be more creative with the tie of the sash. Our most popular is actually a fold type of tie. There is also the option to tie the sashes to either side of the chair or in a rosette tie (just to make things a bit different!)

Our taffeta chair sash hire is available in 30+ different colours. We can offer them on a do-it-yourself basis where you can collect from us (or we can courier) and we, of course, offer them alongside our chair covers where we will set the whole room for you!

You can see more of our taffeta chair sash hire options on our website. Here you will see a selection of our colours – though you are welcome to send us in special requests that aren’t here – we may be able to get it in for you especially!

The best place to see pictures of full set ups that feature our taffeta chair sash hire (where you will see the impact of the sash over a full room set up and different styles of tie) is on our Facebook page.



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