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Solsgirth House Hotel – Venue Profile

Solsgirth House Hotel is one of our top venues & we know it very well as we had our very own Make Believe Party here recently!

We are delighted to be a nominated supplier at the venue with the General Manager Jan Gunn recommending us highly for our VOWS Awards submission recently

“We recommend Make Believe to our Solsgirth House Hotel weddings. They are a great team, that go above and beyond the call of duty to give couples the day of their dreams. The feedback we receive about them and also seeing their work throughout the year means we can place our trust in them to give great customer service and quality products.”

Jan Gunn, General Manager, Solsgirth House Hotel

Our most popular items to provide at Solsgirth House Hotel are

Chair Covers and Sashes,

LED Dance Floors,

Fairylight Canopies,

Hanging Paper Lanterns,



LOVE Letters and Cinema Sign,

and Centrepieces.


Here are some examples of set ups at Solsgirth House Hotel.

Solsgirth House Hotel Hanging Lanterns Dancing

Solsgirth House Hotel Ball Room Lavender Sash White Chair Covers

lanterns fairy lights SOLSGIRTH HOUSE HOTEL

lantern fairy light Solsgirth House Hotel

full room fairy lights Solsgirth House Hotel

Are you getting married or holding an event in Solsgirth House Hotel and needing inspiration? Visit our Facebook page to see more examples of our work.

To get a full quote for your event at Solsgirth House Hotel please get in touch with the Make Believe Team.



Brig O’Doon Wedding

This wedding at Brig O’Doon was so beautiful because of it’s simplicity.

We are lucky enough to work at the fantastic Brig O’Doon a number of times a year – what a venue! A gorgeous setting, traditional decor and that breathtaking staircase… we can see why it is so popular!

What works well at Brig O’Doon?

Chair covers always make a huge difference to the space and make it feel lighter and the added white make the room more wedding like with the darker decor.

Uplighting looks great to add some colour or light to the room – ask about our fairy light canopy here to see a total transformation! As we have provided both at Brig a number of times we can advise on the best options.

We think the Brig O’Doon has the most amazing staircase – so it is important to make more of a feature of this with scatter petals and candles.

We often provide our dance floor for the venue, and this really give the wow factor to your evening reception.

Centrepieces are another favourite for our services here – but with infinite possibilities it is impossible to list them all here! Please get in touch to discuss the options that are available!

Our Brig O’Doon example…

Brig O'Doon Wedding

White chair covers and white sashes creates a romantic soft effect and our ivory carpet looks amazing with a scattering of ivory petals and our classic chrome lanterns.

The candlelight was continued on to our hurricane vases on the stairs and our floor standing candelabra with beautiful gypsophilia garland provided by Make Believe Floristry.

And of course our pink uplighting and show stopping LOVE letters look amazing at Brig O’Doon. We LOVE this set up!

To see more examples of our Brig O’Doon set ups please visit our Facebook page.

Or to find more information about items used at Brig O’Doon please visit our website!

Wedding Lighting – Top Tips!

With a serious switch in wedding trends happening all the time we have seen a huge change in the interest of different forms of wedding lighting.

Why wedding lighting?

The different forms of wedding lighting that we offer really changes the look and feel of a space. By adding warm lighting such as festoon or fairy lighting it creates warmth and a soft ambience. Colour lighting can change the whole look and feel of a place too.

It is a great way to get a lot of value for your money as lighting covers a large space and can change the overall feel of a whole venue.

What options do I have for wedding lighting?

Festoon Lightswedding lighting

One of the biggest trends to land in 2015 is our festoon lights – these can be used indoors and outside and with the warm light create a great atmosphere. They can be strung between stakes, along fencing or decking railings or can be strung between trees outside. Inside they can be placed in a ceiling canopy or go round the outside of a marquee venue.

The large clear bulbs give a very retro and vintage vibe to the lighting!


The most popular lighting we offer. We are proud to be the leading fairy light installer in Scotland. Normally placed in a canopy in venues such as barns, marquees or halls the fairy lights can also be wrapped around pillars or beams and outside decking areas.

We offer various designs of canopies from central point, linear or tapered with our warm fairy lights. The effect creates a magical look to any space.

LOVE letterswhite love sign

One of our favourite forms of wedding lighting is our LOVE letters. Available in two styles – warm white or a colour option. These look great as a backdrop to wedding photos but also create a great lighting effect.

Our colour LOVE letters can be set to a static colour during the day and then a colour changing cycle alongside the dancing later in the day – this colour cycle creates an added form of lighting for your evening entertainment. Two looks for the price of one!

Lit Hanging Lanterns

Another huge 2015 trend! We are proud to be the only recommended Scottish installer for the Hanging Lantern Company and have been hanging lanterns as part of wedding lighting services for a few years now! But it is really this year it has taken off.

Hanging lanterns are available in a variety of colours and come plain or lit. Many brides go for a mixture of sizes in ivory (or with ivory and lace) with a 50/50 split of lit and unlit lanterns. Other brides go for a mix of colours depending on their colour scheme.

UplightingAbout Us

Uplighting, wall washing, or moonlighting, has been a popular choice for many years. This form of wedding lighting is units placed at the base of a wall and shining upwards to create a coloured wall. These can be set to a variety of colours to suit your scheme.

When looking over a whole room uplighting changes the scheme as it adds so much colour to the space and creates a great ambience as the day moves into night at any event.

For more pictures of wedding lighting please see examples on our facebook page.

For more info on pricing and options of wedding lighting please visit our webpage.

Award Ceremony Decor

Make Believe Events offer many fantastic options for award ceremony decor!

We are quickly adding many award ceremonies to our list of events – it is such an honour to be dressing these fab nights and for some amazing guests!

Award ceremony decor is normally under a budget, but every organiser wants to create the WOW factor for their event. We are great value when it comes to large events like these – ordering hundreds of chair covers and sashes and having a large number of centrepieces etc means we can offer great value for any award ceremony decor – quantity brings discount, but without scrimping on quality.

What award ceremony decor have Make Believe Events done?

We are proud to have dressed the National Education Awards, UK LGBT Awards, Our Heroes Awards, National Health Awards, Business Awards, Scottish BAFTA’s, Young Scot Awards, John Lewis Staff Awards, Great Scot Awards, Hilton Hotels Staff Awards, Rangers FC Hall of Fame, Sports Awards, First Time Buyer Magazine Awards… and this list is getting longer and longer all the time! It certainly keeps us busy but we do love to organise events on this scale!

When looking for award ceremony decor we can offer chair covers (in every colour of the rainbow), show-stopping centrepieces and great additions to the room with uplighting or fairy light canopies. We find that award ceremony decor is the chance to make a great impact – whether it is through bright colours in our fabrics or lavish centrepieces, or through luxurious fabrics such as taffeta overlays and sashes incorporating rich colours.

Award Ceremony Decor

The glitz and the glamour of an awards event should flow through to your decor – if your guests are making the effort to dress up for the event then you need to make the effort to dress the room to the same high standard!

With our vast experience we can advice on your award ceremony decor so get in touch with us to discuss!

If you want to see some of our previous work in award ceremony decor then visit our Facebook Page.

Venue Draping – the total transformation

Some of the biggest transformations we have made to venues is with the use of venue draping – it totally changes a space with a soft, floaty, warmer feel!

Why Venue Draping?

You may need venue draping to cover a church or village hall which is used for many other purposes. By venue draping you can hide the Brownies’ noticeboard as well as other signage and decor that give away that it is a hall.

The drapes make the venue neutral. You can blank out colour schemes dictated by decor.

Venue draping softens a space. A venue may be too modern or have a harsh colour scheme. The ivory drapes soften the look to create an elegant room.

The drapes provide a great backdrop for uplighting – this means you can add colour back into the space in a scheme of your choice.

venue draping

How does draping work?

Our draping is a freestanding structure. This means it stands alone without having to fix to your venues walls/ceiling. A series of poles and heavy base plates create the structure and ivory material is hung to create the finished look. We ruffle the material on the poles to create a natural drop.

How much is draping?

Draping varies from venue to venue as we price everything on size and the items that are needed to be hired to cover the length/width of a space. The best thing to do is to come to us with measurements of width, length and height and we can come up with an estimate for you. Every space is unique and we are happy to make a custom draping quote for you!

If you would like to see pictures of venue draping please see examples on our facebook page.

For more info on pricing and options of venue draping please visit our webpage.

George Clooney and the VOWS awards in one week?

We couldn’t quite believe it – George Clooney and the VOWS awards in one week!

When business owner Heather McGowan of Make Believe Events discovered she was the winner of the charity competition to have lunch with George Clooney in the same week that her company was attending the annual VOWS Awards, she couldn’t quite believe it! “The thought of meeting George Clooney was mind-blowing, but as a small team, we were really looking forward to the VOWS Awards 2016 Ceremony, as the team had worked really hard in the last year to grow Make Believe Events. We wanted a night to celebrate!”

Established in 2004, the Scottish VOWS Awards (Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier) are voted by customers and recognise those companies offering consistently excellent customer service within the Scottish wedding industry. Over 650 guests attended the 2015 VOWS Awards on Monday 9th November at Glasgow Hilton to find out the 22 winners. Make Believe Events won the 2016 VOWS Award – Event Décor and Linen Hire and the prestigious Industry Award for contribution to the Scottish wedding industry.

George VOWS awards

Speaking on winning the VOWS 2015 Industry Award: “We didn’t expect this at all. We’ve never even won in our category before so to go from being nominated for six years running to winning two awards in one night is just incredible. The other day one of the girls in the shop was asking me what I was going to say if we won tonight and I was saying ‘Well, we’re probably not going to win!’. To get this level of recognition from the industry, especially when previous winners include the likes of 21cc Fireworks and Joyce Young, is just amazing.”

And on George Clooney? “I asked him about how involved he was when planning his recent wedding and was pleasantly surprised by his answer. Then, he asked me if I was a wedding planner like Jennifer Lopez which got a few laughs! I told him about my VOWS Awards win and he was happy to have his picture taken with each of us holding one award each. Even two weeks on, it all seems quite surreal, but this photo will always remind me of the most amazing week of my life!”

VOWS Awards judge Carol Prest of DC Thomson & Co added, ““It was clear from the business review forms that every shortlisted company offers excellent customer service but the sustained growth of Make Believe Events whilst maintaining excellent customer service was outstanding and won their category award. These reasons, combined by the support of over 40 wedding suppliers that they work tirelessly with was reason enough to merit them with the accolade of the VOWS Industry Award 2016.”

For info on George or the VOWS Awards please contact Make Believe Events on 0141 258 5210  /

What are the VOWS Awards?

VOWS stands for Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier and is an awards body set up eleven years ago to recognise companies that offer excellent customer service within the Scottish wedding industry. The awards are voted for by recently wedded couples through marriage or civil partnership.

VOWS Awards – 


Kenmore Hotel Wedding – a new venue!

Kenmore Hotel – a beautiful venue in a breathtaking setting!

We had our first trip to the Kenmore Hotel last year for this aubergine wedding. We loved the aubergine colouring with the brides accessories that were in the theme of the TV show ‘Friends’.

How much do you love the ‘He’s Her Lobster’ cake topper?

Kenmore Hotel

If you are still to pick your venue we would recommend looking at Kenmore Hotel – recently taken over by the amazing Aurora Hotel Collection the views are amazing and the setting really is beautiful. Our experience of the staff was also great – they really care about making your big day special.

Our bride was delighted and emailed us to say…

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for providing the chair covers and bows for our wedding on Saturday 15th November at Kenmore Hotel.

Everything went so smoothly with you from the first day I contacted you to the day of the wedding, one less thing to worry about when planning everything. The room looked fantastic and the bows were a perfect touch.

Thanks again


Well thank you Rosie – it was our pleasure! We loved, loved, loved your Friends theme!


Kenmore Hotel

What do we recommend for the Kenmore Hotel?

This wedding we provided our white sculptured chair covers and an aubergine sash – this is the perfect chair cover type as there were a few different sizes of chairs and these offer the perfect fit!

From the Make Believe list we could offer centrepieces, coloured table linen, LOVE letters and even our LED dance floors at the Kenmore Hotel. We can also offer wedding floristry! As always, we would be delighted to talk through options with you for your big day!

If you would like to see the full selection of our Kenmore Hotel photos please visit our Facebook page.

If you would like more information on our products that can be used at the Kenmore Hotel please visit our website.

WOW – we got two VOWS!

Make Believe Events would like to say a huge big thank you to our previous couples who put us forward for EVENT DECOR nominees at the VOWS Awards – not only did we win our category but we won the big award of the night – Outstanding Contribution to the Wedding Industry Award – WOW!

VOWS Awards Winner

VOWS Andrew and Heather 1

Village Hall Wedding Decoration

There is nothing that makes us more excited that taking on a total village hall wedding decoration transformation!

village hall decoration

We love taking a venue to the bare minimum – somewhere that hosts toddler groups, brownies, WI meetings and local recitals into…. drum roll please… wedding venues!

It isn’t easy. But, boy oh boy, is it rewarding!

So, village hall wedding decoration – what do we recommend?

The first thing you need to decide on is the quality of the walls and the decor on the walls. It may be that you will need a full wall drape to cover up dated wall decor/pictures/brownie noticeboards.

If you do not require full wall drapes we recommend uplighting – it will transform a space and are great for those on a budget.

When thinking about furniture for a village hall decor scheme you will probably have an obscure chair that you will want covered – this is where the perfect fit sculptured chair cover will come in to force! It will cover the weirdest and most wonderful of chairs we discover when doing village hall wedding decoration! Available in white, ivory or black they transform spaces with or without sashes!

For tables we would always recommend a round table (get in touch for a contact!) as this just screams ‘wedding’ and when you are having the big day in a non traditional wedding function space it is these little things that really make the difference in your village hall wedding decoration!

Once you have draping, uplighting and chair cover in place you may want to think about fairylight canopies – this look FAB in village hall wedding decoration set ups. Once these venue standards are achieved then your village hall becomes the same as any other venue – time to think about your centrepieces and additional items on the table – all of which we can help you with.

If you would like more information on our village hall wedding decoration then please visit our website.

If you would like to see some examples of our village hall wedding decoration then visit this brilliant blog on the SWD website!

LOVE sign – 2015 trend!

Based on our current enquiries it looks like our illuminated LOVE sign is set to be the must have product of 2015!

 love sign

Our LOVE sign was custom made in the UK to our own specifications – we took the best of all the other products out there and made a one of a kind super product! (and we are delighted with the results!)

Our LOVE sign is 5ft tall and have a stainless steel casing which gives a better finish than other products and a contemporary look. The best feature about our letters is that they have a ‘carnival’ bulb finish – these special bulbs give off a star effect rather than the normal glow of a bulb. The effect is striking and really gives the perfect finish!

On the technical side our LOVE sign uses LED bulbs which means that they require little power but give off a good amount of light (this is something your venue may ask!). Although each letter has it’s own power supply, so the letters can be split up if needed, we can plug in to an extension and power off of one normal mains plug socket (another question you may be asked, as many venues struggle for sockets!)

Photographers have noted that our letters are a great photo opportunity for both bride and groom shots, as well as the rest of the wedding party – especially if it is wet outside!

Our LOVE sign is a huge hit!

“Thank you very much for the ‘Love Sign’, they were very popular and everyone at our wedding loved them!” Mr and Mrs Blyth

Mr and Mrs Blyth shared with us their great photos featured in this blog – but more of their LOVE sign photos can be found on our Facebook page.

A great match to this product is our fairy light canopies, LED dance floors and uplighting – jump on the lighting trend and transform your venue with lighting! Details of this lighting and our LOVE sign can be found on our main webpage.

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