LOVE letters – Light up, light up…

Based on our current bookings it looks like our illuminated LOVE letters are set to be the must have product of 2015!

 LOVE letters

Our LOVE letters were custom made in the UK to our own specifications – we took the best of all the other products out there and made a one of a kind super product! (and we are delighted with the results!)

Our LOVE letters are 5ft tall and have a stainless steel casing which gives a better finish than other products and a contemporary look. The best feature about our letters is that they have a ‘carnival’ bulb finish – these special bulbs give off a star effect rather than the normal glow of a bulb. The effect is striking and really gives the perfect finish!

On the technical side our LOVE letters use LED bulbs which means that they require little power but give off a good amount of light (this is something your venue may ask!). Although each letter has it’s own power supply, so the letters can be split up if needed, we can plug in to an extension and power off of one normal mains plug socket (another question you may be asked, as many venues struggle for sockets!)

Photographers have noted that our letters are a great photo opportunity for both bride and groom shots, as well as the rest of the wedding party – especially if it is wet outside!

Our LOVE letters are a huge hit!

“Thank you very much for the ‘Love Letters’, they were very popular and everyone at our wedding loved them!” Mr and Mrs Blyth

Mr and Mrs Blyth shared with us their great photos featured in this blog – but more of their LOVE letters photos can be found on our Facebook page.

A great match to this product is our fairy light canopies, LED dance floors and uplighting – jump on the lighting trend and transform your venue with lighting! Details of this lighting and our LOVE letters can be found on our main webpage.


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