Ivory Carpet Runner – the finishing touch!

Our Ivory Carpet Runner will finish off any ceremony perfectly!

ivory carpet runner

Sometimes when planning a wedding the focus can go on to the bigger things – colour schemes, centrepieces, favours… and we forget the little touches that together make the day perfect. It may not be the first thing on any ‘planning to do list’ but an ivory carpet runner should certainly feature somewhere!

A lot of effort can be spent on a colour scheme and then the normal red carpet provided by your venue can clash. Whether you have a whole scheme working around white and ivories and the red carpet standing out against the softness of the scheme, or the red clashing against a colour – such as purple, green, pink or blue. Whatever your scheme an ivory carpet runner may be a better option.

Why choose an ivory carpet runner?

– When looking at pictures we have of ceremony set ups we notice the ivory carpet straight away. It is different from the norm and makes the look softer.

– The impact it has on the overall look of a ceremony is great value for money – a huge change in look for little cost.

– Romance – the softness of the ivory instead of the bright red just adds to the romance and style of a ceremony. It sets the scene to the ceremony that is the most important part of any wedding day!

For more examples of weddings with our ivory carpet runner visit our Facebook page.

The perfect accessory to the runner would be petals – a scattering of ivory or colour petals along the side and along the carpet – maybe even add in some lanterns with candles to create the perfect touch of romance!

For more info on all our event accessories, including the ivory carpet runner, visit the accessories section of the website. We can also advise what ‘finishing touches’ we think will complete the look of your day!

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