Fairy light Canopies – the new, big trend!

Fairy Light Canopies are proving to be very popular for bookings in 2015!

fairy light canopies

But is it any big surprise? The soft glow of fairy lights has been transforming events for many years – the soft light creating a romantic ambience and creating a glow as the events move into the evening.

What is a fairy light canopy?

A fairy light canopy is fixed into a ceiling at your venue. There are various different options of layout available and some venues suit different options better than others.

Linear Fairylight Canopy

The most popular option for our canopies are our linear type – these are normally placed in to marquees and follow the material ceiling into the central peak of the roof.

Tapered Canopy

Our tapered fairy light canopies are often used at barns. They are similar to the linear, with individual strands but they taper into a shorter section in the middle of the venue and then taper back out to an identical set of points on the opposite side of the room.

Pea Canopies

Our ‘pea’ fairy light canopies are similar to a circus top. They have a central point and then are spread out like a sun dial around the rest of the room. This works well with venues that have a central point like a chandelier or are very square in shape. It doesn’t work well with venues that are very rectangular as the fairy lights don’t radiate out in such an eye catching effect.

How much are our fairy light canopies?

This is a tricky one to answer as EVERY venue is different and needs a different amount of fairy lights to the next. Our starting price for canopies is £310 but we do price each venue individually so please enquire.

More details of our fairy light canopies can be found on our lighting section of the website. However the best place to go for inspiration is to view our fairy light canopies on our facebook page – we post a mix of our pictures and work on there.

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